Sunday, 4 October 2015



Padmshri. Dr. Sharad Kumar Dikshit : A True Indian

He cannot talk regularly and properly due to Cancer of Lyrics.
He cannot walk as his half body is paralyses, after an accident.
He is a heart patient, only 12% of his heart working.
He uses to take oxygen from a machine, regularly.

After all above problems, He had done more than one lakh plastic surgery operation (in India & US), he can do operation for 10 hours continuously, without any break. He also got "Padamshri" felicitation in 2001, for his contribution in field of plastic surgery. Dr. SK Dikshit went to United State for medical education in 1958 from Aurangabad. After completion of his education he settled in US. But in 1968 he realized his responsibility for his own country. Than from 1968 he regularly visit India for free plastic surgery of his own countrymen. Every year he stays for seven month (October to April), and serves his own countrymen.

Now, he is on third visit of Bhopal city, capital of Madhya Pradesh. He is busy in doing free plastic surgery of needy people, most of children, with the help of a NGO Prerna Trust. During a Free Plastic Surgery camp in Jai Prakash Hospital, I got chance of talking with this true Indian,

Question : Sir, What is your opinion about current medical facilities in India?
Dr. Dikshit: Still 80% of Indians do not get proper medication, which is very unfortunate.

Question : Sir, Why do not you come back to India?
Dr. Dikshit: It is not possible, as I am doing free plastic surgery operations, which need lot of money and technology. For this I have to earn money in US, which is a right way to serve my own people.

Question : Sir, Do you miss India, when you are in US?
Dr. Dikshit : When I am in US, than definitely my body is there, but my soul always in India.

Padmshri Dr. Sharad Kumar Dikshit has put an example for other NRI’s who forget their own land, by serving his countrymen, with Holy Spirit.