Saturday, 26 December 2015

Visalini- The Wonder Girl !!

 Born to a Tamil family in down south in India,  K.Visalini was a wonder child at all times. Visalini was born on 23rd May, 2000 under crucial conditions. She was a weak baby and was in incubator for 10 long days and was also a child with tongue tie. Majority of doctors had given up stating that Visalini will never speak in her life which made her parents depressed and disheartened. After similar feedback from numerous doctors, Visalini’s parents had given up hope until they met Dr. V.T. Rajesh who suggested her mother to give up her job to help the child i.e. by talking to her for 20 hours every day.  He quoted to her mother “Talk to your child and the world will talk about her” and this theory did create wonders for Visalini. After 7.5 months of continuous efforts of her mother, baby Visalini finally spoke her first word on 16th February, 2001 and stunned everyone who once said there was no future for this child. She began to speak at the age of 9 months and by the time she was one year old, she recited slokas at local temples, astonishing   everyone around.

Her mother used to teach her a lot of things in Tamil which completely shaped her mind and sharpened her retaining capabilities. At the age of 2 ½ years, she was way more intelligent and confident than any other child and was brilliant enough to deliver her first stage program at her home town.  Nearly 1000 people were present in the program who kept on asking general knowledge questions to her and back to back she answered them all. Her mother was overwhelmed at her daughter’s ability of retaining things and answering questions quickly and at ease.

Dr. V.T. Rajesh suggested Visalini to take an IQ Test so that her extra ordinary mental ability and growth could be known. She took the IQ Test 5 times which were done by different doctors every time, so as to be sure about the results. Surprisingly, all the doctors had given the same result i.e. An IQ of 225. Her rapid growth and mind development enhanced her learning ability to an extent that she has been completing two classes in a year ever since her schooling has started. Her amazing capability of grasping things and rapid speed of learning the course wasn’t accepted by the school authorities who vehemently asked her to change four schools in a year. At the age of 9 years, she had completed the Chemistry Syllabus meant for                       12th standard students. Her shocking mind growth was well understood and appreciated by authorities of IIPE Laxmi Raman Matriculation Higher Sec. School, Tamil Nadu, allowing her to complete her studies at her own pace.

On December 28, 2010 the Chancellor of Kalasalingam University, Tamil Nadu Mr. Sri Daran along with Vice-Chancellor Mr. Radha Krishna introduced her to the world of Networking, asking her parents to get their girl well trained in the CCNA track of Networking. After completing her CCNA training successfully, she came back to the Kalasalingam University where she was given a standing ovation along with a big round of applause by the board of  directors for being the youngest CCNA ever. A queen like response by the board of directors of the Kalasalingam University boosted her moral and made  her more focused towards achieving her goals one after another. Her popularity was so widespread that her mail box flooded after completion of her CCNA course. Well known people from countries like U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Europe, etc. congratulated her on being the youngest CCNA ever.  The accidental training in CCNA made Networking as her chosen career path. After this remarkable achievement/experience, Visalini kept on soaring high and completed OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), CCNA Security, CCSA, etc.

After completing CCNA, CCNA Security and related courses, CCIE began to take up her interest. She thoroughly searched about the course and its scope  worldwide, deciding to take up the course seriously and study it in detail. She did a detailed research about the various institutes that had been offering  the desired course including the fee structure and other facilities provided. She couldn’t find any other institute apart from Network Bulls which was genuinely offering world class lab infrastructure along with Biggest Cisco Labs in Asia. Unfortunately, Visalini’s mother objected and didn’t approve of  her decision of leaving her home town and going to some other city for pursuing her dreams. Consequently, she joined an institute in Chennai for studying the variables of the CCIE Course but couldn’t get a satisfactory training in terms of subject knowledge and practical exposure despite the exorbitant fees paid.

This little wonder has given numerous seminars on Networking to the students of 25 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu and holds the honor of being the                                     youngest Chief Guest ever of seven different International Conferences held in different cities of India. Adding to her gradient achievements, she was  honored by HCL Technologies with “The Pride of India” award in 2012 and also was honored as “Pride of Tirunelveli Corporation” given by the Mayor of Tirunelveli District. Furthermore  on September 8th, 2012 Visalini got a life time experience as she was invited by Indian Overseas Bank for delivering   a seminar to the IT professionals headed by the General Manager (IT) where she gave two hours lecture on “Concept of Networking & Cloud Computing”. The General Secretary of Indian Overseas Bank Officers’ Association and the then Director on board of IOB,  Mr. Ananda Kumar was so impressed by Visalini’s IQ  that he decided to help her in all possible ways to expand her knowledge to new horizons. He was the man who guided Visalini to get trained at Network Bulls and ensured that all her needs were well taken care of.

With full support of IOB Officers’ Association, Visalini joined Network Bulls with full enthusiasm and vigor, making her way towards the field of CCIE R&S. According to her experience, Network Bulls is the place to be when it comes to Networking. The claim of having Asia’s  Biggest Labs is completely true, the 24x7 Lab access, the infrastructure of classrooms and labs, the expertise of trainers and subject matter experts, the efforts of trainers and attention  to individual students, highly affordable fee structure makes NB, the only place for her. On 10TH February, 2014, she cleared her CCIE R&S Written Exam with  score of 958/1000 and now is efficiently preparing for her CCIE R&S Lab Exam. Network Bulls and its team have always supported and helped her to adjust in the new environment which proportionately has elevated her towards success and achievement. She wishes to be at NB as long as possible so as to get full support to clinch her thirst for further knowledge to scale up in her career.  Network Bulls is one of the platforms for Visalini to achieve many more Milestones in her life.

She not only aspires to become the youngest CCIE ever in the history of India and abroad but also wishes to be the CEO of her own company where she can bring Networking to greater heights. Further she wants to successfully complete all the seven tracks of CCIE course i.e. CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, CCIE Voice, CCIE Data Centre, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Wireless ,etc.

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