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Tmt. Pooja Kulkarni, IAS State Project Director

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Tmt. C. Usharani
Joint Director
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Tmt. K. Sasikala
Joint Director
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Thiru. S. Nagarajamurugan
Joint Director
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To implement the compulsory education policy the Government of India have introduced a new scheme in the name of " SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN" Education For All Movement throughout India from the 
year 2002.


  1. To enroll all the school age children in the schools before 2003.
  2. Ensuring completion of 5th standard by the year 2007 and 8th  by the year by all students.
  3. Ensuring  zero dropout and zero repetition and cent percent completion rate.
  4. Imparting quality education to all the children irrespective of caste creed, region, etc

The following committees have been formed with  the involvement of Local elected representation retired  teachers, N.G.O.S., and P.T.A. members for the successful implementation of the scheme.
  1. Village Education Committee
  2. Block Education Committee
  3. District Education Committee
To  implement the scheme in an effective manner the following measures have been taken.
  1. 100%  enrolment of school age children into the Schools.
  2. Dropout rate to be minimized to zero level.
  3. Imparting fair and quality Education.
  4. Ensuring of minimum two teachers in a School.
  5. Starting of education  guaranteed School or Alternative Innovative centers in the places where there is non opportunity to start  a regular school.
  6. Construction of new school building and repairs to the old buildings through the village committee.
  7. Rs.500/-- Grant to each teacher for preparing Teaching and Learning materials every year.
  8. Rs. 2000/- Grant for taking repairs to building.
  9. Training to all teachers and village committee members.
  10. Construction of block resource centers in every block headquarters for importing training to the teachers.
  11. Promotion of cluster resource centers.
  12. Developing infrastructure facilities in Schools.

The Annual Plan for the year 2002-2003 has already been prepared and substituted to the Govt. Preparation of  'perspective plan' for the entire 10 years of plan period is going on now. the financial sanction for the current year is very much anticipated.

An extensive campaign was conducted to mobilize  the enrolment of  School age children on 6-6-2002, in  Salem District  at Village level, Block Level and District level.   

The Primary and Middle School Teachers, the local body representatives, the School  Parent Teacher Association Presidents Non-Government Organization and other Government Departmental Officials shall Participate  in the campaign to  make it a grand success.

As proposed,  Rallies, Slide Projection in the Cinema theatres, Propaganda at the Village,  Markets, Bazaars and Street corners were carried out.

District level Committee has been constituted.  Necessary steps are being taken for the formation of Village level and Block level Committees